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  • Scarlett Snow

Something sinister cometh your way...

Once upon a time, there was a faction of authors who frolicked in darkness and forged twisted tales. Their hearts, while still pure, adored those childhood fairy tales of royal princesses and true love’s first kiss, but their villainous minds craved danger and sinister delights—as did many of the readers in Romancelandia. And so these authors came together, each one choosing a beloved tale they’d manipulate and blanket in darkness. How vastly will fates change? Will maleficence reign supreme? Is true love’s first kiss enough to save their souls?

My novel, BEASTS, is a retelling of — yes, you guessed it — Beauty and the Beast. This was my favorite fairytale as a child. But my take on it will be, err, slightly darker.

And by 'slightly' I mean a helluva lot.

The novel will be a Dark Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance and will contain scorching-hot, consensual scenes between Beauty and her three captors. Each of these handsome princes is determined to break free from their hideous curse by any means necessary — even if that means taking a feisty young girl prisoner. How far will they go to win her heart and get revenge on the witch who twisted their souls?

Beauty, the alluring daughter of a quirky seamstress and a sick little brother, is tricked by an evil enchantress on a cold winter's night. Who knew plucking a single rose would take away her life and freedom? Now, she must pay her debt to the princes by spending the rest of her life locked away in their strange, menacing castle.

Check out the other covers too! Aren't they gorgeous? You can even add them to your TBR on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/series/268303-sinister-fairy-tales

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Now, back to the writing cave for me. Time to finish Once Upon A Witch!